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Joshua Tzvi Schupp-Star, PA-C

Psychiatric Care in Vermont

To fill out a screening form for psychiatric services, please click the link for the Electronic Health Portal Here

Physician Assistant (Owner of Practice) wearing White Coat and Stethoscope Smiling

Our Practice

Centered on Psychotherapy, Applied Psychology, Medication Management, and Compassion

Compassion, defined as "the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s/one's own suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering", is at the core of a therapeutic movement and philosophy applied to treatment of mental health disorders. I was fortunate enough to attend several trainings on this approach, including one conducted by one of the progenitors of this movement, Dr. Paul Gilbert PhD.  You can read more about this philosophy here:

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Contact / Book an Appointment

Practice Communication takes place securely Via the Luminello Electronic Health Portal.  Please follow this link for the pre-screening form:


125 College Street, Suite 3 

Burlington, VT 05401




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